Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Christmas crafting - wreaths & arrangements

I recently arranged for a green-crafting session with my Mum, Aunt and Mother-in-law - to make wreaths for front doors, and a couple of arrangements for family graves.

I was really worried beforehand that we wouldn't have enough greenery to make them as I only had a little holly and some varigated greenery to contribute - along with some glitter spray and some fake roses...

I needn't have worried though as they all came through with some fantastic bits, including holly, ivy, yew, eucalyptus and rosemary.  We had a great morning and both my Mum and Aunt produced lovely little arrangements for our family graves (strangely I don't seem to have photos!).  My Mother-in-law also created some graveside arrangements - she uses a large potato as her base, new to me, but apparently the greenery live off the potato until it's all gone.

I made a wreath for our front door and was very pleased with the results...

My mum-in-law was rather disappointed she didn't have time to create her own wreath, so I made one for her which is now proudly displayed on her hall table with a large pillar candle in the middle...

I'd only made a wreath once before but I really enjoy working with 'flowers', and it's really rather easy to make a wreath - you just need an oasis wreath base (from most garden centres or flower shops), then using your greenery first, you start at the bottom outside edge and work round until you have a complete first circle of greenery, then another layer about that, and so on.  You do the same in the middle circle and then once you have your base you can add any embellishments, such as the fake roses, and pine cones (found on the pavement near us) that you've wired.  I've even used an apple in the one I did some years ago - you just use a wooden bbq skewer to secure the apple.

We had a lovely lunch afterward at a local pub where my Dad joined us.  My lovely Aunt also left me one of her amazing chocolate cakes for us all to share.  We've decided it should be a yearly event! x


  1. oh i wanted to make a wreath this year but just too much to do. yours came out really well and i love how green it is. at the cactus jungle where we got our "tree", hehe, they have succulent wreaths but they are SOOO expensive. maybe next year i will make one of those, goodness knows i have so many succulents to spare!

  2. thanks honey :)
    a succulent wreath sounds fantastic, and it'd be really cool to make it yourself next year! xox


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