Monday, 19 December 2011

Time flies...

it certainly does, especially when you've been full of a nasty cold/flu bug.  Pretty much since we got our new puppy, Dusty, I caught some horrid cold bug & it's been 3 weeks of stuggling and coughing, whilst trying to settle in our new addition.

Thankfully he's taken to his new home wonderfully well, but being a cocker spaniel he's completely nutty & gets easily distracted, but we're getting there, slowly!

After only having a dog as a teenager, and as such, only really being involved in walking and feeding him, I really had no idea just how big an impact he'd make on our lives.  But I have to say, despite often feeling completely overwhelmed (didn't help that I was so poorly), it's lovely.  Hubby's certainly loving every minute of it, but then I'm the disciplinarion, and he's the fun! x


  1. he looks like the sweetest thing ever! you two are so lucky to have him! i hope you are feeling better!

  2. thanks honey, he's soooo cute! xox


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