Thursday, 22 December 2011


Said in that famous way by the wonderful Dame Barbara Woodhouse!

We've certainly been enjoying the walks that having a dog brings, and Hubby especially enjoys very long walks each weekend morning.  The two of them go for several hours on the various walks around and about.  Here are some of the gorgeous views he's seen recently. 

Swans and ducks breaking through the ice...

the canal path

the beginnings of snow (which has now gone sadly)

and Dusty the dog trying to eat every piece of snow - he loves anything bright and light



  1. WOW, you live in the most beautiful magical place! i love these pictures! looks straight out of a fairy tale! oh how wonderful!

  2. we do have some fabulous walks near us, some we're only now discovering. It's certainly one (of many) of the great things about having a dog - discovering your own neighbourhood! xox


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