Thursday, 12 January 2012

Agatha Christie books

You probably know by now how much I love Agatha Christie books; and as I've posted before, I have a great hardback collection from my Mum that she collected in the 1960's.

Well, they've started to do another publication of all her books, with the original artwork taken from the first editions.  Each fortnight you get a thin magazine with info on the author, the era the book was written & characters in the book - for me, the magazine isn't much, but the books are cool.

Thing is it says it's her complete works - that's over 70 novels & 120 short stories! Which is a big commitment & adds up to a lot of money when you look at it.  Still, for people who haven't got her books, but want them, it's a great way to do it & who know I might yet :) x


  1. that looks so awesome! i wonder if i could get it here! i love agatha christie but you know that! hehe

  2. I'm not sure? they have a website if that helps xox


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