Thursday, 5 January 2012

Christmas fun

It's incredible to think that another year has, quite literally, flown by.  In fact, the Christmas hols disappeared in a blink of an eye.  But we had a great time with family and Dusty...

...our "help yourself to a chocolate ornament on the way out" tree

a rare photo of me, walking Dusty after Christmas Dinner - I'm wearing my Mum's black cape from the late 1960's which is so warm, and with my walking boots makes me feel very witchy :)

Dusty with a christmas pressie - he played with it ALL day (btw Hubby hung it round his neck for the photo ONLY)

some of the lovely gifts I received

the wii game is so much fun, and Fat Witch Brownies are delish!

my favourite tequila - hmmm Margaritas!
and these fabulous earrings are from my good friend cb from citybirdsnest (find her etsy shop here) - thanks again honey, they rock!

All in all a lovely Christmas. x


  1. oh dusty! he looks so cute in that picture. i LOVE the picture of you and him, you look beautiful in that cape! so glad you love the earrings! oh and i want to have a chocolate ornament tree next year!

  2. :) thank you, I love that pic too which is why I just had to share it. The earrings are so perfect thank you. And yep, the chocolate tree was very popular, always a fun thing (my Nan used to have one every year) xox


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