Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Interesting foliage

Whilst there's not much in the garden right now, what there is, is interesting.

This fig tree shoot looks like a monster fingernail to me...

These 'fronds' keep wafting in the breeze, rather hypnotically

they remind me of a large caterpillar :)

and on walks too, this tree is covered in a rich lichen in a bright (almost chartreuse) green

I can't wait for some colour & flowers, but in the meantime I'm happy finding this beautiful, interesting foliage :) x


  1. yea that fig fingernail is so creepy! but i do love the fronds! they remind me of donkey tail succulents!

  2. yep, the whole fig tree is very creepy right now, especially in twilight! Ooo, I'll have to look out for them, I don't think I've seen that type of succulent before :) xox


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