Sunday, 8 January 2012

Sherlock is back

Sherlock (the BBC series with Benedict Cumberbatch) started again last week.  The first series was fantastic and as a Sherlock fan (even one who doesn't usually like modern imaginings) is was an excellent adaptation.

Sherlock Series 2
Well, the first episode of series two was just as fab (A scandal in Belgravia) and I cannot wait to see episode 2 later tonight.  It's the Hound of the Baskervilles & whilst it's been remade hundreds of times I still can't wait to see what they've done with it...

Well worth a watch! x


  1. eep! i want to watch this! i think i think i think it is on netflix for me to stream. i heard from a friend too that this was also good. LOVE SHERLOCK HOLMES!!!!!!! oh i have a new series but haven't started reading it yet. it is called maise dobs. my friend gave me the first 3 books, i think there are 7..she said they are mystery and really good. once i done with the game of thrones, i have the last book to read, 900 pages EEEK, i will start those!

  2. hope you find it, it's so good! Ooo, new books, lovely - please let me know if you enjoy them (after your 900 pages of course!) xox


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