Wednesday, 11 January 2012

To do lists 2011/2012

Well, this time last year I made a to do list (found on the To do page).  I have to say, there's a lot I didn't manage and those may well stay on the 2012 list in the hopes I may be able to accomplish them this year.

I'm working on my 2012 list, but in the mean time here are what I managed in 2011...


Try more new crafts
Glass pendants
‘Dress’ making
Wallet making
Cake stands
Join the National Trust
Joined 05/01/11
   4. Take more outings with Hubby
Lots of fairs
   5. Spend more time outside
Accomplished esp now we have Dusty!
   6. Go to antique/collectors fairs
RAF Swinderby 07/03/11
Melton Vintage market 08/03/11
Newark Antiques 08/04/11
Beccles Antique street fairs – May & Sept
Write story ideas
   9. Spend more decent time with parents
Shopping trips with Mum
Chats with just Dad
Outings & crafting with Mum
 11. Go to the theatre more often
Pirates of Penzance (June)
  15. Get bookcases
1. 07/03/11 oriental
  16. Make a summery skirt
Flowery a-line 02/04/11
Rosette print 06/11
   22. Once a month, cook something new
Not once a month, but some great new recipes tried
   23. Learn to crochet
Tried via net/mag but need personal help
   24. Write more letters to friends
Started, but must increase
Learn origami
 Started learning 16/01/11
Go to & buy something from Spitalfields Market
Vinyl soundtrack 04/03/11
   29. Go to & buy something from Camden Market
Visited 05/03/11, nothing bought
   31. Make an inspriation jar
Made 11/01/11
Watch a foreign language film
Life is Beautiful (Italian) 20/02/11
Take more walks
Lots since Dusty arrived, lots planned
   44. Donate rice with
100000 before year end                         
   45. See sister-in-law at least once a month
10 months out of 12 – one we intend to try to continue
Hold a vintage tea-party to celebrate my Mum’s 70th birthday
Sadly not possible due to her fracturing her shoulder, but still a great birthday

Whilst nowhere near great, it was my first list and I'm pleased I did it.  Looking forward to sharing the 2012 list with you! x


  1. what?!?! no where near great, you did fantastic! look at all you did! i have a feeling this year is gonna be grand!

  2. thanks honey - I do set myself some silly-high targets - sometimes I need my friends to remind me I'm not wonderwoman, ha ha, you're quite right, it does look good! And yay to 2012 xox


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