Monday, 16 January 2012

Weekend frost

The weather has changed again, there's now a layer of perma-frost, and the weekend was full of lovely fresh, cold, sunny days (hurrah!).  That meant lots of lovely walks with Dusty...

Everywhere looks so beautiful and personally I'd take this weather over wet & windy any day, long may it be frosty! x


  1. We had the same down here in Kent this morning, scraping my car nearly made me late for work! I love this kind of weather because this is the only time of year that everything looks a bit different (the white surfaces glistening in the winter sun). I can't wait for the snow, when everything is silent and at a slower pace :o) Kerry xx

  2. Oh snow, how I love thee - I keep hoping & waiting for some, fingers crossed Kerry :) xx

  3. oh wow! that last picture is soooo beautiful! oh i just love it! it was frosty this morning, the little bridge i cross every morning was covered, it was really pretty!

  4. :) we're back to warm & wet again - not at all seasonal, bring back the frost xox


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