Friday, 6 January 2012

Welcome to 2012

Well, it's certainly been an anticipated year in GB with the Olympics coming over here this Summer.  for new year's eve we often just spend a quite night with friends which seems the best way to me.  After New Year's Eve I get a little down, perhaps it's that I love Christmas so much I don't like it to end, or perhaps it's the realisation that work is looming again.  Who knows.  Still, this time we invited my parents & brother over to spend the evening with us.

I wore my gorgeous new earrings from cb at citybirds and earlier that day I'd made myself a little star hair crown just for fun (I'm camera shy usually which is why you're not getting the full photo) ...

We had some delicious lasagne (thanks Hubby) with wedges, garlic bread and salad.  Followed by my first attempt at Fat Witch Brownies, which were a roaring success.

Mum, Dad & I played on wii party and had soooo much fun, we laughed and laughed. 

I was so grateful they were with me, as yesterday they left on another world cruise and won't be back until mid April.  That too adds to my sadness come January (they always go in January) as I miss them so much.  Still, we have managed to instruct them on using Skype and are hoping they'll be able to find the odd wifi enabled place to call us - so there's hope I will be able to "see" them!  And already I feel better, yay.

Have a great weekend lovelies. x


  1. how fun the wii party! i want to get that! how exciting for them to go on a cruise though!! i love skype, i use it to talk to my boss who is living in turkey for the year, a great way to talk and "see" each other!

  2. it's sooo fun, we laughed so much!
    I know, they just love their cruises, & always have such stories. they couldn't connect today in Madeira, so will be trying in St Lucia (their next 'stop') xox


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