Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Brighton vintage & vinyl

Shopping in Brighton was great fun.  We eschewed the usual high street shops, instead popping into the Lanes, a lovely maze of tiny streets full of little boutiques, jewellery shops & cafes.

I'd also researched some antique shops and found some flea markets so off we went.  One of the flea markets, Snooper's Paradise, was one of those places that is sooo huge you get rather overwhelmed and find it impossible to see everything.  You really need to plan for a whole day there, just rummaging amongst the various stalls.  Hubby found some bargain vintage lps, including a Japan lp (his all time favourite band) and The Icicle Works ...

I found these fabulous cigarette cases, I don't smoke so plan on using the smaller for business cards and the other for, well we'll see...

as I've been to Hong Kong a couple of times this is a fab thing to have

and also this sweet little powder compact (which I collect)

At another flea market I found these fab buckles

As usual we also hunted out record shops and it was good to see there are several in Brighton...

record bags

Music included Chairlift, MGMT, Fugiya & Miyagi, Tunng, First-Aid Kit, Errors and The Big Pink...

Oh, and the Fingerbobs is for me :) (just loved that fingermouse).

A great place for vintage and vinyl! x


  1. look at all those goodies! so amazing! the belt buckles looks so nice. are they lucite or mother of pearl? oh i just love mgmt! electric feel is my favorite!

    1. the buckles are a mix of both :) I'm getting quite a collection now, keep thinking I'll turn some into hair ornaments & other use as buckles on vintage tie belts perhaps? I can't wait to listen to this one, it's one of those 'late night tales' albums xox


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