Thursday, 23 February 2012

Compact post

I collect powder compacts (one of many things I collect) and have done for many years now but as I only buy ones that attract me in some way (and that are reasonably priced) they don't come along all the time.  Here are a few that I won on ebay recently and all arrived in the post this week...

One is a unmarked compact with pretty roses, the other a Melissa compact with mini Alpine scenes.

The red one is a "camera" compact - almost a mini carryall (that's a purse which can contain a compact, lipstick container, purse, comb, notebook, and cigarette compartment), one side is a compact and the other a cigarette compartment, with a lipstick container at the hinge :)

A few more to add to the collection :)  x


  1. i love the one with the little people on it. i have always loved small detailed work like that. great buys!


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