Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Crafty Hubby

Hubby is an Engineer, more specifically he's been a fully apprenticed Tool Maker for some 25 odd years.  These days he's a Tool Designer and more involved in the designing of tools for an engineering company that make metal pressings.

However, from time to time he'll make something outside of work that I think is wonderful.  Recently a friend asked him if he'd make them a guard for their open fireplace...

and he came up with this for them - this is the "raw" finished article

painted, ready to be delivered (please excuse the snow in the picture!)

and the final fireguard in pride of place

It really looked fantastic and our friends were so pleased.  He didn't charge for it either, what a nice lad he is!

I think it'd be a great thing to sideline in as he really enjoys it; I just have to persuade him now! x


  1. oh wow! that screen looks amazing! he did such a fantastic job! at my old job we sold those for thousands of dollars! way to go!

  2. thanks sweetie! I think he does such an amazing job and really want to encourage it, it's such an art, and as you say, people would pay him to make them! I'll keep up the encouragement & pass along yours, thank you :) xox


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