Monday, 20 February 2012

Friendly weekend

Well, it might have flown by, but it's been a lovely weekend.  Friday was a lazy afternoon, we charity shopped some finds:
A couple of Madonna LPs, some cute cake plates (minus the cake) and another little stem vase...

Saturday our very good friends came round; N stayed with Hubby watching the football while H and their 7 year old son came with me for a long walk with Dusty, we almost managed to get home before the rain came (little boys & their imaginations notwithstanding - so cute)!  They stayed all afternoon & we had a delish Chinese together for dinner.

Whilst all the boys watched some silly Saturday evening tv, H & I started work on my "to do list" - she's going to help me with some things: we're planning on roller skating next Saturday (yay, can't wait), some bowling one night soon and we did some research on a steam train journey - we're leaning towards a trip to Edinburgh towards the end of the year which sounds perfect for us all. 

WINTER WEST HIGHLAND STATESMAN Saturday 3rd to Sunday 4th March 2012 Departing from: Hereford, Leominster, Ludlow, Craven Arms, Church Stretton, Shrewsbury, Whitchurch, Crewe, Warrington Bank Quay, Wigan North Western, Preston, Lancaster.
Statesman rail

We're also determined to go on some trips out into the countryside this year, and definitely in getting my girls'-night pyjama party organised!

It was soooo much fun, I just love her to bits, and really don't see enough of her, so when we get together it's always so lovely.  We also said we'll have to start rewatching Sex And The City again together - something we used to do years ago when it was first on tv.

Sunday was another quiet day, but with a visit from the in-laws in the morning for a nice chat, and  lots of snoozing for the dog!  We've also arranged a short trip to Yorkshire for my birthday next month, just a couple of days in & around Harrogate, somewhere new once again - and the good news is, Dusty's allowed too! x


  1. oh my goodness, a steam engine journey! like a agatha christie novel! oh that sounds like so much fun! i LOVE trains! they are the best way to travel. i can't wait for this adventure!

  2. I know - how cool would that be! I'll be in Christie heaven! Not sure I can wait that long for it! xox


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