Friday, 3 February 2012

Goodie, goodie, yum-yum

Well, the charity shop didn't disappoint once again.  I found an album for Hubby (The Goodies were a group of comedians who had a (very odd) programme of the same name in the 70s/80s - check them out here or on YouTube) so he was pleased.

The book I bought for a work friend of Hubby's who just loves trains, so he too was pleased, hurrah :)

I treated myself to a Kodak Instamatic, goodness know if it'll work, but it looked in good condition so fingers crossed.  And the 6 coasters I plan on turning into personalised photo coasters, which I'll post about when I've done them. 

All in all a very goodie trip for less than £5.   We're off to Brighton for the weekend (a bit of football & hopefully some sights & shopping), enjoy yours whatever you do. x

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