Monday, 13 February 2012

Lazy weekend

Whilst being full of a vile cold, we still had a lovely weekend.  Friday afternoon I managed a walk all bundled up.  We'd had a tiny dusting of snow the night before...

coming to say hi to Dusty

shady pathways

Saturday was snuggling by the woodburner, watching Sherlock Holmes (Jeremy Brett versions), Star Trek films and eating some yummy food

Homemade falafel burgers - soooo good - the recipe is on my recipe page

Lots of sewing felt on Sunday while Hubby watched the football and Dusty snoozed.  So despite the horrid cold a lovely, lazy weekend :) Just wish they wouldn't go so quickly!  Hope yours was a great one. x


  1. this sounds like such a perfect weekend! i wish i had one of these. i really need it. that horse is beautiful! was dusty freaking out? i am sure he has never seen a horse before.

    1. I'm lucky we have them quite often :) it's so funny, when he sees a horse, he just stands and stares at them, don't think he knows what to make of them! xox


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