Sunday, 5 February 2012

New Music - January

One of my "to do's" for 2012 is discover more new music.  For January that's been two albums from Emmy the Great, and one from The Like.  I found both via Amazon and their recommendations which are sometimes way off and other times can introduce you to something you might not have otherwise heard.

I'm not very good at categorising music (I'm more a film gal), so I won't try, but Release Me by The Like (from LA) is a fun album full of catchy songs

Release Me

there's a BBC review here and you can listen on their myspace page here.

As for Emmy the Great (from London), she's definitely more folky

First Love - Bonus Edition  Virtue

First Love BBC review here and Virtue review here and you can listen here.

I'm really enjoying both and I wonder what February will bring? x


  1. oh i just love the like! have been listening to them here at work :) they have such a cute 60's vibe which i love and how cute is their album cover! so cute!!

    1. I'd never heard of them before this, but am just loving them xox


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