Monday, 6 February 2012

No snow at the seaside

On Saturday we went to Brighton and didn't return until Sunday night - and I'll be posting about it shortly.  Whilst we were at the seaside the majority of the country was enjoying a few inches of snow.  Sadly we saw no snow whatsoever, and it was only on our drive home that we begun to see what the rest of the country had been enjoying!  The moment we left the city behind it was beautiful, trees were dusted & children were sledging, but by the time we got home almost 3 hours later, it had already begun to thaw :( and I just LOVE snow and have been waiting oh so long for it.

Today I took the dog for a walk to make the most of what we have left...

misty day

having a dry down after our walk :)

Whilst there is little left now but slush, I'm still hoping we might get more snow and perhaps this time we'll be about to enjoy it. Please, more snow, please! :D x

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  1. snow is so beautiful and kinda glad that i get to enjoy it from afar. i hope you get more snow. we are expecting rain and i am happy to get it, we really really really need it!


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