Thursday, 16 February 2012


I've been off work sick this week, blooming cold, and today I decided to have a gander through some old photo albums.  One of the things I'm determined to do this year is get some prints from the digital photos I've been taking since 2005.  It was so lovely to flick through pages and pages of photos of family and of Hubby and I from the 90's and 00's.

Here are just a few of my favourites (just of me as Hubby won't let me put any up of him!) ...

I just love this photo - I look so happy - I was at Planet Hollywood with my Mum & friend in Hong Kong in 1994 - my friend was living there at the time & we spend 10 amazing days - and just look at that fantastic dessert - no wonder I've got such a HUGE grin!

that's my Mum's hand trying to grab some dessert - tut tut, should have ordered one!

A silly pose with a water bottle, a la the great lady behind me, the start of our 5 week trip round the USA on Amtrak, 1995

my arms are full of American Soap mags - I just LOVED Another World
This is me in Chicago, near the end of the 1995 USA trip, and our first trip to the city we love so much.  This was the first day, on our walk into the city from near our hotel near Wrigley Stadium - oh to have that stamina now!

Hubby's tee and jumper - we had been travelling for a long time by this point, but I love the colour - should def get more orange in my wardrobe!

Mum, my brother & I in Wales in the very early 1980s - we always used to do this as kids, with Mum joining in - it was a race down the sand dunes, in as few strides as you could

Me & my poodle Coco - clearly having fun (cica 1980/81?)

and lastly, this did make me smile - my brother has clearly allowed me to give him a make over! - you can't really see very well on the scan, but he's got lovely blusher & lipstick on his face, though mine looks better, ha ha

It really made me feel better to spend an hour or so this morning just remembering good times & feeling so very nostalgic, especially with my parents being so far away right now. x


  1. this is so cute! i love seeing pictures of you and all the amazing places you have been! i hope you share many many more!! i would love to do a trip around america on amtrak, should look into that!

    1. thanks honey, I only share the good photos of me, few & far between which is why you don't get many, ha ha!

      Always happy to share my travel experiences, and I can SOOOOO recommend Amtrak round your beautiful country - I would do it again in a heartbeat! xox


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