Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Owl and about

One of our favourite walks with Dusty is just a stone's throw from where we live, we take a wander back into the little piece of countryside (which we're still praying will be saved from development).  Well, the last two weeks, every evening, when we get near to a little copse, we hear an owl!  Over and over again it hoots.  It's so lovely to hear; I'm making the most of it now that the evenings are slowly getting lighter. 

I also spotted this little guy & his opposite on one of the benches in the village, how did I miss it before?



  1. what a great walk! you live in such a beautiful place i would hate to see it get developed too! oh i forgot to mention when we were driving to santa cruz to go surfing two weeks ago, a owl flew right in front of us! it was so amazing and we thought it was a sign of good luck and you know it was because i caught a wave! hope you see him one day!

    1. absolutely! how cool to see one, and as you say, definitely a sign of good luck, they're so elusive! xox


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