Saturday, 11 February 2012

Valentine crafting - personalised print

If you're interested this is just a quick tutorial, but it's really an easy thing to do to create a personalised print. You will need a photograph of whatever it is you want your print to be - either your house, or a favourite building, in fact it can be anything, even a photo of the two of you.

You'll also need some type of photo software, I use Adobe Photoshop, but if you haven't already got one, you can download one for free, such as Picasa found here.

With your photo software, you want to take your chosen photo then using your software add an artistic  "filter".

Use "photocopy" (or the equivilent) to get it looking like this...

I chose a dark brown as my colour rather than black as the photo I chose seemed to suit it better.
It's as simple as that, but have a play around until you find a finish that you love as there's so many to choose from, here are just a few...

coloured pencil

stained glass

neon glow - how creepy! - great for a Halloween invite or card
Once you're happy with your picture just print it out onto a piece of good quality card and frame it. 

Alternatively, these can also be made into cards to send to people, or shrunk down they can be used as a logo on personalised stationery; I've recently taken a photo of our house and using the technique here, created a card to send to a friend.  You could even create a cute gift of personalised stationery for someone...

The options on your photos are almost endless.  Have fun! x


  1. the stained glass one is really really cool! i love photoshop, thank goodness for it sometimes!

  2. absolutely! I'm particularly thankful for the 'spot-healing' tool! :) xox


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