Friday, 10 February 2012

Valentine crafting - personalised Valentine's card

Ok, so Hubby's promised not to peek, so here's his card for this year.  I always try to do something funny or cute, but definitely not too girly!  I hope he'll like this one...

These are all places we've been to and that Hubby adores.

It's an easy thing to do, but I like it & it's certainly different to ones I've done in the past.

If you're interested, here's how to do it: 

You will need:  Card, printed map, ruler or bone folder, glue, scissors, pencil

Choose location(s) that are special to you and your significant other.  You will need either the maps themselves to scan in, or you can find what you need online.  Print out onto medium weight card your desired map location(s)...


Using either a template, or drawing freehand, pencil out the heart shape onto your map, placing your specific location in the middle of the heart, or where you think looks best.

Cut out your shape.

Taking a new piece of card in whatever colour you prefer, I've gone for the (rather obvious) red, using either a bone folder or a ruler, fold your piece of card in two, then work out where you'd like to place your heart(s) on your card.  Once you have them positioned where you'd like them, use a little glue on the centre of the back of the heart and stick down onto the card.

There you go, quick & easy & you have (what I think is) a lovely, personalised card for your loved one.  You can also do this with mini versions of the hearts all over the card...

And if you want to do the same thing as artwork all you need to do is frame them for a cool travel momento. x


  1. that is such a cute idea ruth! nick is gonna love it! i love that you made it super personal and who doesn't love remember all the fun trips you go on! you guys have gone on some amazing trips!

    1. thanks honey, & yes so many happy memories :) xox


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