Thursday, 9 February 2012

Valentine words

The last couple of years I've made my own Valentine card for Hubby, last year was a card covered in little felt hearts (you can't see this year's until after Tuesday in case he peeks).  Although we don't buy each other Valentine's gifts, preferring to surprise each other now and then, I'm loving some of these (personalised) wordy gifts ...

(all found via NotOnTheHighStreet)

Rosie Robins

Little Van Goghs

Betsy Benn
Cherry Pete

and this cool trivet
SquarePear Furniture
I'm working on a few personalised things myself at the moment that I may well give to Hubby next week and will post about them shortly. x


  1. these are all really cute too. tom and i dont buy anything for each other on this day, he might surprise me with flowers but nothing fancy. we usually try and go on a fun date but we always do that but having that thought in your mind that it is a "valentines day" date makes it that more special! can't wait to see your card!

    1. that's lovely :) hope you have a fun evening xox


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