Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Cautionary tale

That would be me :)

After a couple of tiring weeks mainly involving yet another cold (grrrrr!!!!), I decided to make the most of the simply gorgeous weather we've had since last week & top up on my Vitamin D.  I'm always careful in the sun, wear spf30+, cover up, etc, etc, etc. However, what I didn't factor in was falling asleep!

And the dog didn't think to wake me up, ha ha.

Needless to say, I now have some interesting burnt areas, namely funny shapes on my lower arms, chest, a red nose & cheeks, and the worst bits, the lower half fronts of my legs!  Getting through lots of aloe vera & lavender oil.

So, cautionary tale, no matter how lovely the weather is, no matter if you cover up & put on lots of spf, if you fall asleep due to sheer exhaustion - DON'T do it in the sunshine!

In other news - I've apparently used up all my allowed photo storage so must buy more - news to me (& I can't tell from the Picasa albums what I could remove without removing from my blog) - anyone else had to buy more space before, is it normal??? thanks :)

We're off to Suffolk this weekend for the first time this year, hurrah x

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Springtime is here!

Not the first day of Spring perhaps, but today is what a lot of people class it as, Spring is finally here!  The weekend before last we had the most beautiful balmy day, positively summery, which meant the first lot of washing outside (hoorah!!!)

Fresh, line-dried bedlinen - smells so lovely

and yes I rotated my wardrobe - we have a small wardrobe in our bedroom & large ones in another room, so I rotate what I wear on a daily basis season to season - and it felt like it was time for the Spring/Summer clothes to come-on-down, woo hoo!

more colour at last!

and of course, a balmy day, meant a balmy evening

Bliss!  I know we desperately need rain, well, please can have that overnight or on workdays, but here's hoping for more weather like that at the weekends please! x

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Gifts for family & friend

We have a couple of family birthdays in March in addition to my own, which means lots of gift finding.  For my sister-in-law who loves to needlestitch...

Cath Kidston's Stitch book (with everything you need to make the purse on the front cover)

and the 250th anniversary issue of Cross Stitcher magazine

CrossStitcher issue 250 - cover and gift

and this deliciously-scented roll on perfume by Bath House

Flower Botanics Roller Perfume - Purple Fern

Then there's our niece, who has just turned 13, and loves her fashion, so it was a gift voucher card for New Look, and an assortment of goodies (just for her)!

fruity choccies, tinted lip balm, 2 face masks, hair refresher, shampoo, body butter, rosewater, & a cute hairbrush, all in a cute cosmetic bag

as you can see, I went for a theme of Pink & whilst I didn't plan it, she had 13 gifts!  Personally I love gifts like this, lots of little goodies :)

A very good friend of mine is going through a rough time health-wise, I thought she needed a pick-me-up, so I put together this little assortment of pampering treats for her...

I just love to give gifts, just the thought of making someone happy, makes me happy :D x

Monday, 19 March 2012

Swinderby Antique & Collectors Fair

This time last year we went to the Swinderby Antique & Collectors Fair and brought home some wonderful things including a cherished chinoserie bookcase (see March 2011 posts).  So off we went again; whilst this time we came back sans furniture we did bring home some great bits & pieces (and all bargains too, hurrah) ...

including this fantastic copper blamange mould (for the kitchen wall)

this very lovely powder compact, it's almost stone like, with a beautiful painted surface

and these two vintage mirrors - very, very dirty they were too,

but after a good cleaning

both lovely shaped, and this one has this small detailing too

Another fun outing with Hubby and Dusty :) x

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy Mother's Day Mum

To my Mum on Mother's Day (currently heading towards Abu Dhabi). 
Loving, caring, beautiful, stylish & so much more, I couldn't ask for a more wonderful Mum and I'm proud to be your daughter.





when people used to dress for flying



not sure about the wig Mum...


You & Me


Love you Mum xox

Friday, 16 March 2012

Charity finds

Back from Yorkshire we still had the rest of the week off to spend together; which included a couple of days of charity finds.  Firstly I found this little lot...

another posy vase, David Niven's fab autobiography on cassette and this gorgeous little ceramic flower brooch

I also picked up these pictures, the first a needlework piece (I'm going to paint the frame though)

and this very cute vintage wedding picture, it seems so Spring-like to me

which the owner had taped the excerpt relating to the picture to the back

Then another day, Hubby found LOTS of vinyl, albums & singles ...

and I came away with a cute cake plate and two heavy glass dishes which I plan to fill with homemade candles & give as a gift

Don't you just love to find bargains? Here's hoping this weekend might bring more.  Have a great one x

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Yorkshire Getaway - part 3

As it was such a gorgeous day after our trip to York we decided to visit a National Trust property nearby, Fountains Abbey (read more about it here).  It is the most beautiful and tranquil place ...

and Studley Water Gardens are literally round the bend from the Abbey, Dusty just LOVED all the pheasants!

I had a terrible feeling of unbalance crossing this narrow 'bridge', eek!

We started to go back through the deer park, and saw St. Michael's Church, but absolutely no sign of any of the hundreds of deer, where could they be?

Hubby came away with some vinyl for himself (rare Ultravox) and some for a friend (Jethro Tull), and I found a few little bits & pieces in one really good charity shop...

now up on the wall next to the very large painting I found last September

this lovely little pomander, still smelling slightly of spicy lavender

and this cute 60s/70s (?) paperweight which is foiled so shimmers in the light

I think we were all sorry to say goodbye to Yorkshire after a couple of great days away, and with Dusty being such a good boy we'll definitely be taking him on holiday with us again; and hopefully we'll visit Yorkshire again too. x