Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Cautionary tale

That would be me :)

After a couple of tiring weeks mainly involving yet another cold (grrrrr!!!!), I decided to make the most of the simply gorgeous weather we've had since last week & top up on my Vitamin D.  I'm always careful in the sun, wear spf30+, cover up, etc, etc, etc. However, what I didn't factor in was falling asleep!

And the dog didn't think to wake me up, ha ha.

Needless to say, I now have some interesting burnt areas, namely funny shapes on my lower arms, chest, a red nose & cheeks, and the worst bits, the lower half fronts of my legs!  Getting through lots of aloe vera & lavender oil.

So, cautionary tale, no matter how lovely the weather is, no matter if you cover up & put on lots of spf, if you fall asleep due to sheer exhaustion - DON'T do it in the sunshine!

In other news - I've apparently used up all my allowed photo storage so must buy more - news to me (& I can't tell from the Picasa albums what I could remove without removing from my blog) - anyone else had to buy more space before, is it normal??? thanks :)

We're off to Suffolk this weekend for the first time this year, hurrah x

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  1. oh no you poor thing! that is horrible! that has happened to me, not the falling asleep part but just my sheer stupidity that didn't re-apply sunblock after several hours in the sun. the front of the legs is a hard part too! i hope the oil and aloe vera is working! maybe a cool bath to keep the heat down? i hope your cold is over and that you stop getting them!!!


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