Friday, 16 March 2012

Charity finds

Back from Yorkshire we still had the rest of the week off to spend together; which included a couple of days of charity finds.  Firstly I found this little lot...

another posy vase, David Niven's fab autobiography on cassette and this gorgeous little ceramic flower brooch

I also picked up these pictures, the first a needlework piece (I'm going to paint the frame though)

and this very cute vintage wedding picture, it seems so Spring-like to me

which the owner had taped the excerpt relating to the picture to the back

Then another day, Hubby found LOTS of vinyl, albums & singles ...

and I came away with a cute cake plate and two heavy glass dishes which I plan to fill with homemade candles & give as a gift

Don't you just love to find bargains? Here's hoping this weekend might bring more.  Have a great one x


  1. yay, so many exciting finds! we went thrifitng this weekend and it was crazy! so much fun! it must be the adventurer in us that loves the thrill of treasure hunting!

    1. that's definitely what it is for me, wanting to be Indiana Jones/Lara Croft I think :D xox


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