Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Springtime is here!

Not the first day of Spring perhaps, but today is what a lot of people class it as, Spring is finally here!  The weekend before last we had the most beautiful balmy day, positively summery, which meant the first lot of washing outside (hoorah!!!)

Fresh, line-dried bedlinen - smells so lovely

and yes I rotated my wardrobe - we have a small wardrobe in our bedroom & large ones in another room, so I rotate what I wear on a daily basis season to season - and it felt like it was time for the Spring/Summer clothes to come-on-down, woo hoo!

more colour at last!

and of course, a balmy day, meant a balmy evening

Bliss!  I know we desperately need rain, well, please can have that overnight or on workdays, but here's hoping for more weather like that at the weekends please! x


  1. yay spring is finally here! i am going to plant my bulbs now so come summer they are ready! i can't wait!

    1. hurrah! yes, we need a trip to the garden centre asap for some colour :) xox


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