Monday, 19 March 2012

Swinderby Antique & Collectors Fair

This time last year we went to the Swinderby Antique & Collectors Fair and brought home some wonderful things including a cherished chinoserie bookcase (see March 2011 posts).  So off we went again; whilst this time we came back sans furniture we did bring home some great bits & pieces (and all bargains too, hurrah) ...

including this fantastic copper blamange mould (for the kitchen wall)

this very lovely powder compact, it's almost stone like, with a beautiful painted surface

and these two vintage mirrors - very, very dirty they were too,

but after a good cleaning

both lovely shaped, and this one has this small detailing too

Another fun outing with Hubby and Dusty :) x


  1. those mirrors are beautiful!!!! i love them. tom and i drew out our living room and have it all rearranged. moving a larger piece of furniture into the bed room. i am super excited. i think we will need a mirror for the space! do you have plans for those? they would also make cool trays for makeup and perfume!

  2. That sounds fab - it's good to rearrange sometimesl & I find you have to live with furniture for a while before it "tells" you where it wants to go!

    I just love vintage mirrors - with a 1930's one I found last year I plan to make an arrangment of them on one of the walls - but with 10foot hight ceilings I might still need a few more :D

    I LOVE your ideas too - they would make fab trays for the sideboard, thanks honey xox


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