Friday, 2 March 2012

Trying week & goodies

It's been one heck of a week one way or another.  I had lots of productive crafting last weekend, which I'll post about separately, but haven't been too well again this week, full of aches & a terrible migraine behind my eye.  Add to that lot a very nasty day Tuesday when a colleague decided to be very nasty to me (why do people have to be horrid?) and it's been a trying week!

Post-wise it's been good and bad.  Sadly some gorgeous vintage sparkly silver shoes I bought at beginning of Feb STILL haven't turned up so it's looking unlikely they ever will - which makes me so sad, I hardly ever find shoes I like & these were SOOOOO gorgeous!!!

On the good side I received a couple more compacts I won on ebay...

this one with cute palm trees includes a lipstick (not the original I methinks)

cute seagulls

and I treated myself to a couple of 50's-inspired dresses (again via ebay) that I can't wait to wear when it's warmer...

Thankfully both Hubby and I are now on 'holiday' for a week, hurrah.  We're off to Yorkshire for a few days early next week for my b'day, & Dusty's coming too.  Then we've got a few days at home to relax I hope.

Now, if only those shoes would turn up!  Enjoy your weekend all. x


  1. oh no! i know you went to the dr a while a go but have you gone recently? you should get checked up on again. you poor thing and then your coworker! boo, i want to yell at them for being mean to you! i hope things are okay.

    glad you treated yourself! the bird compact is beautiful, my favorite so far! and those dresses! they are going to look so pretty on you! perfect for twirling in! you need to have hubby take you on a beautiful picnic in one of those!

    1. thanks honey, hoping it was just the remnents of that cold, feeling much better now. And yes, I was so cross that someone had been so mean, I've been promised by manager that it won't happen again, but it has before & I still didn't get an apology!

      you have to treat yourself sometimes don't you; and the dresses are so cute on, will def have to persuade hubby for that picnic! thanks again for the support sweetie xox


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