Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Easter weekend, in a nutshell

A (window) shopping trip with an old friend, and this fab tin celebrating the Jubilee (for crafting supplies of course)...

another charity shop find, a small oil painting

which looks great on the wall with the other rose oil paintings

We got the barometer up on the wall

this pot usually has a maidenhead fern in, but they're not easy to keep!

Chickpea curry for dinner - such healthy ingredients: tomatoes, ginger, chillies, garlic, cumin & coriander seeds - YUM!

and opening a Christmas bottle of Sailor Jerry rum for rum & ginger beer

Hope your Easter weekend was a good one. x


  1. what super cute tin and i love the rose painting! the grouping you have is SO cute and they all look great together! uh i LOVE chickapea curry so much! we always get it when we get indian food, that and the spinach with cheese! i had yemeni food for the first time sunday and it was amazing! almost all the dishes are lamb which is my favorite red meat and the only red meat we eat! glad you had a wonderful easter weekend!

    1. thanks honey :) Chickpea curry is my fave too, though we always make it ourself as our indians don't seem to make it.
      Wow yemeni food sounds cool - will have to seek that out, though I don't eat lamb (we kept them years ago & I just found I couldn't after that!) xox


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