Monday, 23 April 2012

Quiet weekend

Ok, so whilst my weekend was quiet, and lovely, you can always tell when other people have had a fun weekend, when you find things like THIS on your walks!!

a Tottenham Gnome on a postbox!
Hee, hee, so funny, though sure someone was greatly missing their gnome; today it's gone, so let's hope they got it back!

Had a fab Friday date night, Scott Pilgrim, followed by Red Riding Hood, with Pizza Hut Texan BBQ pizza, fizzy cola bottles & foam bananas - my kind of night! And Saturday night was Purple Rain - oh so funny acting, but what fab music!  And this came...

I've been wanting a copy of this for YEARS, but always got outbid, or was far too expensive, well done Hubby!  Labyrinth was my favourite movie when I was 11, my Dad very kindly took me to see it twice bless him (after I'd seen it at a birthday party). I learnt all the lines, loved the music but never got the soundtrack.

Hubby made flat breads and turkey currry on Sunday, and we made mini pizzas with leftover flat breads - a great way to mix and match!

Lots of dog walks later and the weekend had flown by yet again! Hope you had a good one x


  1. what a great weekend! i love movie marathon nights! and you watch awesome movies! i saw purple rain in the theater is was amazing and labyrinth is one of my all time favorite movies ever! glad you finally got it, everyone needs a copy!

  2. thanks honey, it was such a fab night, I LOVE my movies :) & that's so cool to have seen purple rain in the theater! xox


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