Monday, 9 April 2012

Short breaks

Hoping everyone's had a great Easter.  We're lucky enough to have a nice long weekend, though the weather's been awful, but we've managed lots of (wet) walks with Dusty & even cleared out the garage this morning.  It feels so good to do that I can tell you!

Any hoo,  the weekend before we went to Suffolk for the first time this year, and Dusty's first trip.  It was so lovely to be back there again.  Whilst Dusty wasn't too sure of the sea he seemed to love it (especially all those pigeons, seagulls & rabbits) ..

hmmm, not sure about swans

We also had the usual fun time trolling the antique shops, and this time, one of our favourite now have "craft huts" - I SOOOO want to live there so I can have my own craft hut - basically they're in the grounds of one of the antique places, and are beach huts that crafters use to sell their crafts, tres cool!  We found this super cute slate & metal coat hooks of doggy tails :)

I found this cute jug for £3 which I'll use for flowers

and we've been wanting a barometer for ages, this one is just the right (small) size & works (hurrah!)

and these fab Paris prints from the 60's

and I couldn't resist this little owl - he's a pot with a hook to hang him up - he'll either have pencils in him, or flowers (with a liner)

these gorgeous roses are vintage cigarette cards, but oh so pretty & perfect for our "shabby chic" spare bedroom

Hubby found me some more audio books - I seem to be reading a lot of PG Woodehouse right now so was very happy with these fab ones

and of course he also found lots of lovely vinyl lps, including this odd one...

and he treated me to this fabulous soundtrack from one of my all-time-favourite tv shows from the 70s!

Hubby's huge pile of lps (including some favourite Kraftwerk)!

Can't wait to get back there again in May. x


  1. what a wonderful trip! there are rabbits about? how cool! i know of one place in seattle washington and rabbits just roam around like nothing, it is so cool! i love the jug your found of course the owl pot that hangs!! so so cute!

  2. :D oh yes - I just love them & rabbits literally everywhere on the campsite - it was like nivana for Dusty (or would have been had he been able to chase them!). On one of our walks there's a field full of rabbits, wood pigeons & pheasants - he can't walk by without stopping for several minutes, soooo funny! xox


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