Monday, 30 April 2012

Tenerife 2011 - Part 1

After a friend mentioned that she enjoys reading about my hols, I realised that I never shared our trip to Tenerife last November.

We've been to Tenerife together three times previously (to this same resort) and I visited Tenerife with my parents as a child several times.  It's only about a 4 hour flight, and it's just one of these easy holidays, where you can relax, enjoy & pretty much be guaranteed some sunshine, so it's great to go because, although not exciting or new, it's easy & relaxing, which sometimes you just need!

We stay in Los Cristianos at a fab small resort club, this time in a 3-bedroomed apartment as my in-laws also came with us ...

Our apartment this time is the one with the white balcony, all way across

view from our roof-top
Everything is really lovely, and luxurious (for us anyway) and on the roof-top we have our own hot tub (bliss!) which Hubby loves to spend hours in; we have a fridge & bbq up there too, so the fridge is always full of Dorada (local beer) so Hubby's always happy!  We have a huge fab bedroom (parents always let us have the best one!) and it includes this GIANT bathtub!

Los Cristianos has some amazing hotels, this one is my favourite

funky shapes

The reception area is incredible - all the balconies inside are covered in greenery (REAL greenery) - check this out!

It's like being in an amazing jungle

they also have a waterfall inside

and even poolside they have lucious greenery

more funky balconies

It's a lovely walk down to the front too
view looking upwards
 This house is right on the front, and looks so cool

and it has this amazing cactus emerging from it's walled garden!

View of Los Cristianos and Playa de las Americas

We often walk down to the front, then walk along the front all the way into Playa (they two areas merge together now), it's a great walk with lots to see, with several beaches on the way too.

I don't think I could live in Tenerife (lots of Brits do), but for a week or two it's a great holiday. More tomorrow. x


  1. holy cow! this place looks amazing! i want to be in these pictures. i love all the colors of the buildings and the huge chandelier! awesome!

    1. :) it's a fab club & the other hotel with the greenery just draws me in everytime, it's so lovely xox


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