Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Upcycled - vintage linen towel

You may remember that my Mum gave me a couple of lovely vintage linen hand towels that had been my grandmothers. They were in great condition and I was loathe to ruin them by using them as towels.

Well, I finally decided what to do with them, I upcycled them into laundry bags; one for me, and one for my Mum (it's her birthday next week).

Here is the finished thing, I'm really pleased with them and am going to post the "how to" on my Makes page too if you're interested - it's really a simple make.

:) x


  1. that is such a cute idea! you are so sweet and crafty! i love it!

    1. thanks honey, I just have to sew when I get the urge :D recycling something all the better xox


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