Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A break in the rain...

and Spring reappears.

For however short a time, we had a small break in the constant rain, and look what appeared...

the first swallows of the season perched on a telephone wire

A happy couple of ducks, splashing about in a flood :)

Dusty's most favourite place on our walk, he would sit here for hours if we let him - the field is FULL of rabbits and pigeons!
"please let me go in that field, please, please, please"
Now, all we need is a proper break in the rain... then perhaps life might become a little more exciting & less Winter-like? x


  1. i hope this is a longer break of rain for you! i love swallows and seeing them fly! their wings are so recognizable. one of my favorite birds :) i just want to huge dusty! he looks so soft and just a well behaved pup!

    1. :) sadly the rain came back all too quickly! they're beautiful aren't they; and Dusty sends you a big hug :) xox


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