Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Brownies, Ska & odd dog

This weekend was fun, though the weather was less than impressive (think COLD & wet, we even put the heating on!).

I did some baking, you can't beat home-made brownies, not only do they taste better, but you get to control what goes in them - so no nasty preservatives, colourants, etc. 



I also made Hubby some ginger biscuits as he was fighting off a cold...

Friday night was movie night, I decided on a theme again (it makes it easier to pick films from our cupboard) and started with an 80s classic, Mannequin, followed by a 90s classic, Mallrats - we (read I) sang through the first one & chortled through the second one...

Mannequin [1987] [DVD]Mallrats [DVD]

Saturday we went to one of our local pubs to support a Cancer Research night

The fantastic, Leicester-based Ska band Kingsize played in a gazebo outside for a couple of hours for us; they're a great band & never disappoint not only with some well-known favourite songs (inc A message to you Rudy) but lots of their own stuff too - and yes, I forgot to take photos, I was enjoying myself too much :)

Thankfully the rain had stopped by this time, so we braved the cold & sat outside in the pub garden & just enjoyed the music with Hubby's brother & wife, and a few other friends.  It was such a great night, for a great cause!  More please :)

Meanwhile, Dusty the dog is being tres odd at the moment - he keeps pulling the dustbins back into place if we move them slightly (seriously odd!!!), he's taken to grabbing the lawnmower box (while it's off!) and throwing it around the lawn then attacks the mowers wheels, and also keeps pinching my flowerpots!  Good job it's so funny!



  1. nothing beats home baked brownies! mmmm i love those so much! i need to bake more in my life, i miss it so much!

  2. :) if I could find someone to eat them all I think I'd bake everyday :) xox


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