Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Rainy Suffolk Finds

As we often do these days, we came home from Suffolk with plenty of goodies.

The charity shops, record fair and car boot sale brought Hubby lots of music, both vinyl and cds, including some Bauhaus, Herbie Hancock & Ryuichi Sakamoto...

I came away from the Beccles Street Market with a couple of lovely pictures (or Cornwall I think?), they do need new glass and some new tape but were so lovely (& a bargain) I couldn't resist - they make me feel happier somehow just looking at them ...

I found this cute oil painting of a flower market in a charity shop (painted by a local lady)...

We also discovered a salvage yard, which is located on an old military base - it was so cool (& weird) driving round, they still have some of the old signs up for things such as the military barber.  I didn't dare take any photos because they still use the airfield right next to the old base!  Anyhoo, we found some fab dominoes (which I was going to use for crafting, but they're too good, so we'll be using them to play dominoes, good rainy day fun), and also this vintage mirror (sorry about the rubbish photo)...

On Monday at the vintage market I fell in love with a gorgeous 1960's velvet jacket, black with orange flowers on, though sadly it was just a little too small, however I did find this raspberry velvet jacket that's snug but looks great open & for £10, well it had to be done ...

Hurrah for weekend finds :) x


  1. That raspberry velvet jacket is awesome! I love thrifting and garage-saleing but lately haven't been finding much... which means I must be do for a good haul soon right? :)

    1. it is scrummy isn't it; me too, I could 2nd hand shop all day. hope you find something tres cool soon :) x


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