Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Rainy Suffolk

Our second weekend away in Suffok was rather a wet one, the rain just wouldn't let up for more than an hour or so, but we made the most of it and had another lovely weekend.  Dusty does NOT like the rain and just refuses to go out; needless to say, he was one mischievious puppy this weekend and woke us up every morning at 5.30am by tipping the kitchen bin over & strewing rubbish everywhere (sadly Hubby did not take a photo).

He also decided that whilst he loves his bed

I'm so tired

he also loved the sofa, & everytime it was time for bed he'd run round the room and leap up onto the sofa, and I'm pretty sure he spent most of his nights on that - it's hard to be strict when you can't stop laughing :D (& when he's so darned cute!)

Anyhoo, we still managed several lovely walks along the front, you can see from this pic of this fab old building, that the weather was stormy...

I don't know what this building is used for anymore (if anything) but I really like it's odd touches here and there (the dome; strange roof ornament; tiny windows in roof apex); it's such a shame these buildings aren't used more.

Opposite this building, and with a great view of the sea, is this funky apartment block

and look what I found peeking above the wall in their garden - a (life-size?) giraffe, so bizarre!

There was plenty of things on this time too - we went to Woodbridge on Friday to troll the charity shops, a car boot on Saturday (Hubby picked up lots of music), also a (tiny) craft fair, Sunday was the Beccles Antique Street Fair and Bank Holiday Monday we managed to pack in an Antique Fair in Woodbridge and a Vintage Market in Aldeburgh.  I love it when there's lots to do, despite that vile weather :)

Finds tomorrow :) x


  1. i don't want you to have any more rain! so sorry :( dusty sounds like our cat but she likes to spill over her water all the time. i am not sure why, it is super annoying. we have pergo wood so lots of water is not good for it. ugh. that building is very odd, lots of things going on. how funny that they have a huge fake giraffe in their yard. i wonder what it is made out of...metal maybe and then painted? hmm.

    1. thank you :) pets are so funny aren't they, never cease to amaze, delight & drive you crazy :D
      very odd giraffe, metal I think, tres weird! xox


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