Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Tenerife 2011 - Part 2

Ok, so whilst I did plenty of this...

we had lots of great walks, and we also took a day trip to La Gomera which is a small island next to Tenerife & a short ferry ride away.  We started and finished in San Sebastian, a pretty port town & got on a coach which took us on a tour of the island, with many photo stops...

view of San Sebastian

I would have loved to have visited the lush-looking village in the bottom of these hills
not a very clear close-up photo of it, but it looked so cool

It was the HOTTEST day, as you can see from this deep blue sky

one HUGE rock formation

and a really cool winding road in and out of the rocks

I just loved this tunnel back onto the road from one of the photo stops

We also stopped for a while at the National Park of Garajonay, which is often submursed in water, and whilst most people wandered round the park we decided to take the walk through the trees, which are awesome, so beautiful...

Gorgeous right?  It was amazing!

We also had lunch, a typical Canarian lunch of chicken (on the bone, I couldn't eat it, eughhh) with canary potatoes - they basically look shrivelled up with their skins on, and are whiteish as are very salty (I'm not really a fan I must admit), but the soup was amazing as was dessert :) and the view...

view from the restaurant

It was a good trip to take, lots of friendly people of the coach, lots of exercise getting on and off all day, and tons of sunshine & great views

 more gorgeous looking towns nestled amongst the mountains

one of the "richer" towns - that's Mount Teidi in the background on Tenerife

San Sebastian - this is one of the original buildings, now in the middle of a park - can't remember if it was part of a church or a military post - but you can go inside (& climb some scary wooden stairs) and it's full of maps and info on the island

All in all, a great day trip, and a great end to our holiday.  Mum and Dad stayed for another 5 weeks, but we left with the in-laws after a sunshine-filled week.  Here's to the next time :) x


  1. oh my gosh, it looks just so beautiful! i want to lie in the sun and read too. oh and go on these gorgeous hikes! the village would have been fun to visit too, maybe next time! great photos and love the ones of you!! yay! do you think you will be back again?

    1. thanks sweetie :) so do I, it seems sooooo long ago (& seeing the sun too!) I'd love to go back (& esp find that village), maybe next year for some sunshine if we're lucky? xox


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