Monday, 14 May 2012

Thursday to Sunday F.U.N

Lots of dog walks - daisys and blossom confetti

& trees full of fat blossoms

Spending time in the garden - bluebells

apple blossoms & lemon balm

Mango Margaritas Friday night! (YUM YUM YUM) along with takeout pizza on Friday and bbq homemade burgers on Saturday, delish...

Friday night movies were Kung Fu Hustle (has to be in Chinese, so much funnier) and True Romance (always fab)...

Kung Fu Hustle [DVD] [2005]  True Romance (1993) [DVD]

Saturday night movies were Galaxy Quest (hee hee, love Sam Rockwell in this, so funny) and Mystery Men...

Galaxy Quest [DVD] [2000]  Mystery Men [DVD]

All some of our favourties and definitely worth a watch if you've never seen any of the 4 films!

Saturday, Mum and I went shopping, we had so much fun, and I came back with a couple of things...

cute pewter sandals

navy spotted silky kimono top - looks FAB with jeans (please excuse rubbish photo!)

and a new cute kettle :)

I can't wait to go shopping again with Mum, we always have sooo much fun!

Sunday was spent enjoying a small amount of sunshine, then later watching 101 Dalmatians with Dusty (soooo funny to watch him watching)...

rapt attention (watch out puppies!)

A great weekend! Hope yours was too. x


  1. ah blogger totally dumped on my commment! boo!

    looks like you had a great weekend. love the bluebells, such beautiful flowers and love me some mystery men, that movie is hilarious! i love getting new shoes and yours are super super cute and so are your feet!!!

    1. thanks honey, it's was such a great one! I hardly ever get new shoes (sadly they never seem to fit) so hurrah :) & thanks for the compliment :) xox


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