Thursday, 28 June 2012

Back in time

I'm loving the vintage packaging that Kellogs have put on all their cereals...

I want to buy one of everything & fill up my cupboards with nostalgia!  Bring back more vintage packaging please! x


  1. i love that they did that! so cute! the tony the tiger one is my favorite. tom works at trader joe's which is a really awesome company. they basically have the same food as other stores but they have them produce it without any perspectives, most of their food is gluten free and they have tons of organic. where i am going is they design all their own packaging, and they have the cutest designs. they have vintage inspired ones too. next time you come over you should go to a trader joes they make shopping for food so much fun!

  2. thanks for the suggestion honey, sounds fab & my kind of store, will definitely go there next time we're in the US :) xox


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