Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Collecting - movies

Once upon a time I had another cousin, his name was Tony and he was the oldest of all my cousins.  Sadly he died way too young from life-long diabetes & we all miss him still.  One of the things that Tony loved was movies, something that I too have loved for as long as I can remember.

Tony bought videos (and taped favourite films from the television) and had a huge collection of films and was always generous enough to bring over ones he thought I'd enjoy to watch together.  He certainly broadened my movie horizons at a young age getting me to watch fun films I probably wouldn't have been able to.

It was the day of movie-rental shops back then & while we had a video player (we started with a Betamax, remember them???) I didn't have enough pocket-money to buy films for myself until my teens (Ferris Bueller was my first purchase & is still an all-time favourite) so Tony's sharing was a gift.

Being the age I was, I was determined that one day I would have more films than Tony, he certainly had a couple of hundred.  Over the years whenever I could afford to, I bought many videos, always films I'd either seen at the pictures, or I was sure I'd enjoy.  I soon built up a huge collection, then DVDs came along!  I started at first only buying new films on dvd, but it soon became clear I'd have to start replacing my films.

Now, I still haven't replaced everything, but whenever I see a film VERY cheaply that I haven't replaced, & have some pocket-money, I do so.  I don't buy many these days, being much more selective, and sensible (I don't smoke, don't really drink & don't have kids, or other things that would take my 'pocket money' so why not from time to time I say).

These rows are actually two deep...


tv series

I like to think that Tony would be proud, I now have over 600 (Yikes, that IS alot!) movies & tv series, and that does include Hubby's too, and yep, I'm running out of room! And now you know the secret of our movie nights - but it's still hard to decide what you want to watch! :D x


  1. what a great way to remember him. my friend is like that to, loves t buy movies but i think you have them beat! i wish we had some where t play our movies but we are gonna wait and get a small screen tv when we have money :)

    1. I guess it's kind of a hobby (or an obsession) I just LOVE the movies, perhaps it's the Pisces in me, always the dreamer :D xox


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