Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Independent Shops - part 1

It's a known fact that, sadly, the high street is disappearing - that independent shops that we love are becoming fewer and fewer, with more empty shop fronts and more generic brand-name stores moving in.

In Leicester there are still a few shops that have lasted the test of time, and I hope, continue to do so.

On Silver Street are two such gems:

The Very Bazaar is a shop I've loved to frequent now for over 20 years, and still do. As it's name suggests it's an electic mix, a shop that evokes the far east with it's colours and fabrics, definitely an Aladdin's cave. 

Divided into two sections, one is full of beautiful jewellery, gifts, cushions and some clothes; the other side is more 'new age' & full of incense, scarves, lanterns, henna and more hippy-related paraphenalia.  As a young girl my friends and I would always find each other birthday presents in there; these days I still shop there & many a present (and those lovely incense sticks I mentioned recently) has come from The Very Bazaar...

Almost opposite is Voodoo, a clothing shop - full of funky dresses, skirts, tops and fab rock'n'roll tees, mostly independent labels.  Again, as a teen I would shop there when with my friends, and these days I buy the funky t-shirts for my nieces...

Long may you both reign! And well worth a visit if you're ever in Leicester. x


  1. i know what you mean, there are barely any in my town and none that i really go to besides the thrift stores. it is really sad. i hate shopping at big brand name stores, i actually feel embarrassed. i would frequent these amazing stores, if i could! just need to buy a two tickets to get over that great big pond! hehe, i love supporting local stores!

    1. it's so sad there's less and less of them, and I know what you mean, the big ones are so impersonal too, here's to more local shops xox


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