Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Jubilee weekend

Well, the weather was a complete washout!  Which did put a bit of a damper on things sadly.  But still, it was typical British bank holiday weather really & we all made the most it it despite the rain.

This is a picture of my Mum enjoying the Queen's Coronation festivities in her village back in June 1953.  That's her on the far left front of the photo with her friends, looking very cute, she was 12 at the time...

We went off to Suffolk for the weekend, the Union Flag was everywhere :)

 Dusty the dog was recovering from a bee sting, but had time to watch the rabbits

and enjoy the fish stalls

we had our own little party tea...

me with our picnic and "red, white & blue" outfit

somehow red, white & blue french fancies just seem wrong!

and we had Proms by the Sea, which would have been awesome had it been warm & sunny, as it was we left after an hour & half as it bucketed it down & Dusty wasn't for hanging around...

but the Spitfire made her entrance & swooped & dove for us before the rain came

It was a great event though, let's hope they do something similar next year perhaps, just for fun?

We also went to a vintage fair, which was fabulous, but it was tooo busy if you know what I mean - you know when there's soooo many people in a tiny area - for me it just gets too difficult to look & I get 'swamped' by all the people.  Still, I picked up a few fab things, a great patriotic silk scarf (that I wore right away)...

and some really lovely bakelite buckels that look like sweeties :)

We had a great, relaxing weekend, and enjoyed watching all the Queen's activities on the tv.  Here's to the next decade your Majesty. x


  1. So awesome that people are out in their umbrellas!!!you soo looj so beautiful in that picture too!! Oh my those belt buckles! Awesome! The colors are perfect!
    Hope dusty is better, poor guy, no body likes a bee sting!

    1. Oh yes, us Brits are gluttons for punishment, ha ha
      thanks honey, that's so sweet of you to say :)
      He's getting there thank you, he's now got an allergy to his food so is on a special diet, poor thing! xox


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