Thursday, 21 June 2012

Little Gift

My good (work) friend's birthday was last week, and sometimes I find it difficult to know what to get - will it be something they like? I like to get gifts that will be used & reused, enjoyed, and not become clutter.

So this time I prepared a little gift for her, a handmade purse filled with pampering goodies & a mini perfume, a deliciously scented soap and one of my lavender sachets...

Finders cleanser & moisturiser; Origins ginzing eye cream; Aveda tourmaline refiner & smooth infusion hair treat;
Givenchy Amarige perfume; thebathhouse Fig soap

Quite a simple gift really, but she loved it :D

The mini pampering gifts are easier to find these days, I get mine a few ways - sometimes I buy them from Boots who have a great mini "travel" section; sometimes you get a "free gift" with purchase which are usually travel-size, and occasionally most beauty counters are happy to give you samples if you ask them nicely especially when you're genuinely looking to find yourself a new shampoo, face cream, foundation, etc (I so often am!).  I'm also an Aveda points card-holder & when I buy my products they'll usually give you samples to try - hurrah! x


  1. what a great gift! i am sure she loved, who wouldn't! you made part of it and it was soo thoughtful. you are such a wonderful person!! **sending you a virtual hug***!!

  2. you are the best gift giver:)


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