Wednesday, 20 June 2012

LP to go

Hubby has been wanting one of the new portable record players for a loooong time now, but until recently they were only really available in the US.  They finally became available over here, at a reasonable price, so he saved his pennies & ordered one.  Only to then be told each month it'd been delayed (again and again and again)!

It finally came last week, he was soooo happy!

LP 2 GO Ultra-Portable USB Turntable

Whilst it hasn't got the best speaker it can be plugged into external speakers; the only other small issue is that you have to lift the needle yourself, which can be a problem if you're not careful.  But other than that he's one happy Hubby. x

In the UK it can be ordered from play.


  1. oh my goddess! that is amazing! i didn't know they made new ones! i wonder if tom knows? maybe i should get one for his birthday!! he might love that! oh thank you so much for sharing this!!!

    1. isn't it fab :) it'd make a great gift (it was £50 over here) Hubby LOVES it so much he hasn't stopped using it yet! I'm so pleased I posted about it now xox


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