Friday, 15 June 2012

Nostalgic treats

This week we've had a few nostalgic treats...

Jelly & Angel Delight - pretty & delicious (& low fat)

lime & strawberry; raspberry & chocolate - YUM

It was someone's birthday in the office & they brought in a bag of sweeties, I found these, and they transported me straight back to childhood!

One of my schoolfriends lived around the corner from school, and on those odd days when I'd go to her house, we used to make a stop-off at the local corner shop which had a counter full of 'penny sweets' - literally, back then (in the late 80's) you could get sweets for a penny or even a halfpenny (when they still existed).

We'd stock up on a selection of creamy white chocolate mice, jazzies (chocolate buttons covered in hundreds & thousands), parma violets (above), dib dabs, refreshers, black jacks, fruit salads, aniseed balls, pear drops and space dust. Just 10 pence could go a loooong way back then (it was also the cost of a phone-box phonecall) - not sure you'd get anything for it now!

instructions are needed when youre in a workplace!

Hubby's colleague also had a birthday, and as it was a special one (65) he brought in a wonderful buffet for them all. He makes an amazing tuna pie which he kindly gives Hubby some of each time, and he made sure that Hubby got the leftovers, so that was our tea...

It's delicious, full of peppers & spices. What a nice man.

I'm off later for a Clarins massage & facial, can't wait! Enjoy your weekends lovelies. x


  1. i have never heard of any of these amazing treats!!! now i want to try a tuna pie!!!!!!!! i used to LOVE pineapple pie and haven't had one in ages, that would be an awesome nostalgic treat for me!

    1. :) pineapple pie also sounds delish!
      it's so funny how we have such different things over here, I always stock up on US faves when we're there as you don't get so much stuff here either :) xox


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