Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Summery nautical-inspired shoes

Well, what a (wet) weekend!  Will fill you in tomorrow when I have more time, but today we did a bit of necessary (dog) food shopping at Sainsburys, so I took the opportunity to have a quick scan of the clothing.

I came away with a bright yellow (think sunflower) tee, a nautical blue & white striped vest, and a couple of fabulous cinch belts...

 then I came across these beauties

what more could I ask for?  Nautical, Summery, Vintage-looking, AND only £15 each (which is why I got both colours)!  I find with some brands that they tend to run on the smaller scale so have to go a size up


As it's rare for me to find shoes I love that fit, yay!

In the spirit of the Jubilee I've also been wearing my Queen necklaces from a collection I made some time ago



  1. lucky lady! those shoes are really cute! i have a really hard time finding shoes and they i do i usually love them. i would have snagged both pairs too!
    hope this rain stops and you get some sunshine soon! it rained here a bit on monday and i had to wear my raincoat to work, it felt so weird!

    1. :) thanks honey, I can't stop putting them on! Just need that sunshine to be able to show them off now xox


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