Tuesday, 12 June 2012

To wallpaper or not to ...

Ah, the eternal question, to wallpaper or just paint?  We have sooo much still to do decorating-wise in our house, the biggest expanse is certainly the hall and landings.  I lean towards the wallpaper as it's more original to our house and I recently came across some lovely Victorian-inspired wallpaper from the Little Greene Paint Co, based on some original design found in an abbey.

I got samples in several colours, but I like this one the most, it seems the most Victorian somehow,

Bayham abbey in Citrine
and as the hallway is rather dark...

(I've photoshopped the wall above with the corresponding paint)

they also do it in light gold (which is my second favourite, but perhaps not as hard-wearing)

this is one of the other colours, but feels too 'cold' for the areas

Dusty helping me pick paint colours :)

Now, we just need to find a decorator who won't charge an arm & a leg! x


  1. if i could wallpaper i would but we rent and i dont want to take it down when we are done but if you can go for it! i love the green one because it goes so well with your wood molding and plus it has a bit of orange to it and i like funky colors together. i hope you find someone and i can't wait to see pictures!

    1. that's such a shame, but one day sweetie you'll be able to :)
      the green's definitely my favourite, I think it's going to take some time, but we'll get it done eventually! xox


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