Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Velvet jackets

I've always loved jackets, whether with jeans or with dresses, but over the years my collection of them has dwindled to a couple, until recently that is.

First was that raspberry coloured one I found in Suffolk; now I've found a men's dark chocolate one in a vintage store, and then a navy one on ebay (yes I know, navy shows up everything :D) & then a milk chocolate one (for only £2.99!!) that is the same design as the navy one :)...




I always either wash or dry clean vintage clothing, so can't wait to get these cleaned so I can start to enjoy them :)

What piece of clothing do you love? x


  1. i love a good velvet jacket! i have a black one that needs to get dry cleaned and i love wearing it too with dresses and pants. the lighter brown is really pretty and a such a great shade!

  2. :) me too, esp with a cute dress; can't wait to start wearing them xox


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